Well, I’ve noticed that I blog pretty much never and have decided I need to get my act together! You see…I always assume I have about six readers. Then I get somewhere, a wedding, a family portrait, whatever and some really nice sweet person will say to me. “I read your blog! I loved that post you did about the Jersey Shore!”

Which in-fact means that people, other than the six I assume read my blog, actually read it. So no list of New Years resolutions, just a promise to get some stuff out to you all this year more than once a quarter! Maybe a little more than just my jobs. Maybe some more personal stuff, get ready…because I rarely share personal stuff because well, its about stuff like this little gem about my baby brother.

And maybe I’ll share some tips. I love tips…I love reading tips about anything like, how to get sharpie marker off a wood table, how to keep your memory cards from bursting into flames on a hot day, and anything about stain removing. Love, love, love tips and will share them when I can about all kinds of stuff that I know on the job. Because honestly, I read lots of blogs and I have yet to read about what to do if your contact lens becomes welded to your eye (this has happened and I will talk about it when I’m ready…still traumatized). Wouldn’t you like to know all that? Thought so!

So my dear faithful six (or maybe 12-14) readers. 2013 is going to be a great year! Lots of exciting things happening and I can’t wait to share with all of you. I am happy and thankful for the opportunities that have come my way and cannot wait for my lineup this year. I have a great group of couples who are getting married, and have some amazing family sessions to get blogging. I know you will all have a great year too! Just ditch that giant list of resolutions and keep one: be thankful for the little things.