One thing about wedding photography is the work day is never the same. Sure, there are shots I like to do for every wedding, but the scenery is different, the lighting different, the weather can play a cruel joke on you, and maybe sometimes you are deathly ill before having to do two weddings in one weekend. You know, the usual. So I compiled some of my favorite memories and behind the scenes moments of 2015.

Motorcycle photobomb



There were kids who really had no time for my shenanigans.



There were guests taking walks DURING the first kiss.


Then there is my umbrella. It is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It is my lifeline on a bright sunny beach day. However it is sometimes the nemesis of my fabulous second shooter Katelyn. 
5M9A8420 IMG_0459

There are lots of light tests done throughout the day. My trusted shooter Kathy is always a good sport when I get cranky during light tests.

5M9A4846 IMG_0706

I am not as fun to test light on. Usually its at the time of day when my hair has failed me miserably and my camera strap has eaten my shirt.

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I only broke a few things in hotels this season! That is quite an improvement from past years ;).


One of the highlights this year was working with Pania Rose. She has modeled for some of the greatest photographers out there, has been in Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated to name a few. And she worked with me, and had fun! I definitely pinched myself a few times that day while trying not to act like a mega nerd.



This particular styled shoot was an epic undertaking. We tackled 4 seasons, had two professional models and a team of fabulous creatives to pull it all together; Two of which were my childhood friends. They are beyond amazingly talented at what they do.


Jenna Moore is an acclaimed hairstylist, and her sister Laura Senlick can style a set like I’ve never seen. I can’t wait to do more projects together.


Thank you to everyone who gave their time, talent and expertise to helping my little business go places. I am excited for a new year and new adventures!


xo -LS