One topic that comes up often during a consultation with couples is whether or not to do a First Look. Most couples are open to it as weddings have become more relaxed through the years. Many still have formal elements but couples are choosing to build in some time for themselves on that day.

Recently in a consult I came to the realization that I wished I had done a first look for myself. My husband and I chose to have that moment at the end of the isle. When the door opened and everyone stood up, I couldn’t see him! I didn’t see his face until I was next to him, it was a whirlwind and I feel like the first time I really looked at him was when we were saying our vows. I had butterflies of course because that moment is very intense and we had 150 sets of eyes looking at us to make it more jittery. The first look is one thing I wish I had done from my wedding and here are a few reasons why

  1. The day goes by in a blink, literally. Throughout your day family and friends are sharing in your excitement and pulling you every which way. A first look is a great chance to spend a few quiet minutes together alone and breathe.
  2. You will still be emotional walking down the isle. Its true, there is nothing that can diminish the moment when you walk down to see your partner-in-life standing there. Every couple I have photographed before the isle is still emotional and teary eyed. It will still be powerful.
  3. You can have more time with Family and Friends by doing your portrait session beforehand. Like I said in #1 your day goes by in a flash. You are going to be so pumped after saying I Do and may want some time to get to cocktail hour or have a few minutes alone with yourselves or bridal party in the bridal suite to breathe, have a drink, and hug your favorite people. By doing a first look you can carve out the time you need for portraits and even family portraits so after the wedding that time can be spent savoring all the planning you did for the past year or two!

Those are some of the top reasons to do the first look. Ultimately it is your choice and as a photographer it is my job to complete what you want on your big day. But I promise a first look will be something you won’t regret!


xo -LS