I love Pinterest! I really really do. It is a great way for me to be inspired by my amazing colleagues and share my own work for potential couples.

It is a great tool that I wish I had when planning my wedding.

When a bride asks if she can send me ideas on her Pinterest page of course I say yes! Its a great way for me to check out what the couple is thinking and what they like and hopefully it aligns with my style of shooting. But I always say that things will be different on their wedding day and not to expect exact replicas in the nicest way I can. I do not want to squash dreams of an aerial shot of the bride and groom, twirling around, on a black and white checker plantation floor. But wanting something exactly like that is not realistic so here are a few pointers when working with your photographer:




1. Be Flexible! Your wedding day is absolutely going to be unique. There could be bright sun or storm clouds. Going with the flow and trusting your professional photographer to get gorgeous portraits is the best thing you can do!





2. Make sure you love your photographer. Most likely the photos you see online were captured by the connection the photographer had with the couple. Pros who know how to talk to their clients and make them comfortable in front of the camera, get some amazing images that can not be forced (unless you are a professional model…then you are all set ;).



3. Let your photographer be creative. Chances are you didn’t hire someone you’ve never met before. You’ve researched and met a bunch of photographers and hand picked your favorite one that money could buy. Let them do their thing! When you spend so much time making list of candid moments you want to re create you aren’t letting him/her be creative and inspired. You will definitely be limiting what you could have had. All you need to do is provide them a list of your key family formal portraits to be sure those are captured.

4. There is nothing wrong with saying what you want! Ok, so the other tips basically say to hire the right person and you shouldn’t have to worry. I believe this is absolutely true when you hire an experienced pro that knows weddings. But there is nothing wrong with making sure you tell them what you like and don’t like. Make sure they get a list of your key family portraits so that, if time is tight or something goes a little cooky, you will be sure to have those important formals.

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Happy pinning and planning. Your wedding will be amazing!