Welcome to the new LS photography home on the web! Isn’t it nice and cozy?

Believe it or not, what it takes to keep my business going online is approximately 927 different sources. Well, not really but that’s how it feels sometimes. Now this new site has everything all in one spot! Its more seamless and you can do all your reading and looking at the galleries from your devices! Yes, I was in the stone age with a non-responsive website. I don’t want to talk about it. Now my galleries are on display front and center of the page. Click on the contact to send a message or let me know what event or project you want to book. Blogging will be so much easier for me now and I can hardly wait! With a little luck I’ll be back to blogging regularly!



Not only is LS getting a new look but I have hired an official person to work by my side. She is designer extraordinaire, emails as fast as me, drinks almost as much coffee and is excited to get some ideas in motion.  I am very excited to introduce to you my new Creative Director, Courtney. Welcome to the team! Blog7We look forward to more exciting things this year.