When I started my business I was a new mom with two little toddlers. They were, and still are, all consuming. Things were slow moving and I chipped away at a business that I wasn’t expecting to work out. An entrepreneur wasn’t on my radar as a career choice and it took me a while to realize, with lots of convincing from the hubs, that I was in fact working full time as a photographer. I would say about three years in I really took it seriously and decided to grow my brand and business.

Seven years in and I am finally feeling good in my Business Owner skin. So I decided it was time to get real with my branding. Confession: I haven’t yet felt like it was cohesive. Embarrassing I know, but if you are growing your brand and feel this way too just know its totally ok. Sometimes we need some time to get our feet wet and really know who we are. For me it was seven years into my journey (go figure since I’m fueled on enormous amounts of caffeine)

The first step was recognizing I had a problem; and it is not being able to decide on anything I like because I love everything. Sound confusing? Yeah, you’re telling me.

Step two was enlisting professional help and took my branding identity crisis to Lauren Reed from Darling+Pearl. We talked about my issues and within a few short days she pulled together this fabulousness. Behold my cohesive brand identity:



There it is all neat and clean and wrapped up in cohesive goodness. I stare at it multiple times a day. Seriously.

Next I had to tackle my website. There was nothing wrong with it except for some back-end things that I needed to streamline like SEO, Goole Marketing/tracking, and some other things that make my head spin. That is a topic for a whole other day. While all of these behind the scenes items needed attention,  I took the opportunity to spruce up my online presence. I went to FloThemes for a new template and had them custom install it. It was pretty easy and the team at FloThemes was so patient and helpful. I need something I can do on my own and it has to be easy. I am a photographer and definitely NOT a web developer. So it was important to me that I find something with a custom look but easy to update. FloThemes has it all!