“I would love some photos of just my kids, none of me…I’m too gross” says the mom when I arrive to for the newborn session.  Most likely she’s tired and really doesn’t want to wear makeup because that takes a little too long, she feels like her house is a little too messy, her jeans still a little too tight and her hands are still too puffy to put on her wedding rings. She’s just plain worn out. She reluctantly gets into a few shots to humor me, because that what us moms do: Anything for our kids. Its a glorious thing, even if it means feeling puffy and gross.  I get it I’ve been there done that. I feel your pain mama.


The job of a mom is always this way. We have tough decisions to make everyday. We try to keep these little people safe and happy and healthy and as simple as that seems, we all know its really hard. By default we come last. However, there is a silver lining. We are not alone. There’s a bunch of us doing the same thing.

I’m lucky to have a group of women around me who keep me alive.  Its true, I really couldn’t function without them. I’ve realized this over the years. I often get asked “How do you do it? Work from home and have kids?” And I used to say “I don’t know.” Because I didn’t really know how I was doing it, I just was. I felt like I was alive, barely, but alive nonetheless. Now 7 10 years into motherhood I decided there are simple things that keep me ticking.

1. Skipping laundry (literally…I only do it when absolutely necessary)
2. My daily 7am phone call to my mom. Its just plain weird if it doesn’t happen even if we spoke the night before.
3. Playdates for “the kids.” Let’s be honest they aren’t for the kids they’re for me. I need coffee with my girlfriends and it just so happens we have children who play together.
4. Realizing I need help. Ok this took a while but I do. Help sometimes with my kids, help with my office jobs and assisting. I hired some amazing peeps and am so lucky to have family, friends and babysitters that can watch my kids pretty much anytime. That is amazing and way better than stress eating.
5. C O F F E E
6. C O F F E E





That pretty much sums up how my experience in motherhood is possible. We all have our ways of survival. But always remember why we are doing it…

Because no one beats mommy! Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard working mommies out there. You are amazing everyday even if you can’t find your keys or do your makeup or shower.