I Do!

Your wedding day experience is my number one priority. This day is your most personal and intimate day together so far. Its romantic, intense, emotional, and maybe just a tad stressful. I am there with you every step of the way…literally, just you, the love of your life and me (hi guys!). So for me it is beyond important that we all love each other. Our connection is everything. I want you to be comfortable with me so that you can be confident in front of my camera.

You may decided to do a first look or not. I do not mind either choice. This is your day so I am there to complete the portraits how and when you want. If you do a first look we will complete all of your portraits before the ceremony at a location of choice and then complete all bridal portrait photos. Allow at least one hour depending on travel time. If you do not do portraits before the ceremony we will do our best to get you to cocktail hour but may need to snag a few minutes of it to be sure we have enough of your beautiful faces to have for the walls.

Let’s Meet to chat all about your plans for the big day! Visit my Studio in West Chester PA or plan a coffee date over the phone. Click here to send me some initial information about you and be sure to let me know when you’d like to meet.

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