Six, SEVEN my littlest baby is six SEVEN today. Where in the ever loving heck did that time go? Really, she was just born two minutes ago. She was tiny and scrunched up at 8 lbs. 1 oz of baby goodness. It was a whirl-wind.

We came home and I chased my older kid around cleaning off his art work from the walls and handled potty training protests, time flew.



There she was, easy-going, swinging happily in her little nest watching all around her. She never complained about that damn bucket she clicked in and out of a thousand times a day to run errands.

But when she was unhappy she let us know her lungs were working just fine.


In these seven short years she’s done so much already.  She’s swimming and reading and writing and protesting and coloring and making messes and making her bed (sometimes) and sleeping over and picking out her clothes and riding the bus and telling us exactly what she wants and sleeping and snoring and brushing and combing and wearing nail polish. whew.




It’s amazing how fast it really does go. They all tell you that when you have a baby. But in the moment who really listens until they turn around and that baby is arguing over which shoes to wear?





Today she is six SEVEN and tomorrow she’ll be sixteen. Today is where I’d like to stay.


Happy Birthday Emily!

xo- Mommy