As summer creeps closer and closer the sun is finally starting to feel warm. Never mind the pesky downpours of rain that seem to roll through  every other day. We’ll just forget that and focus on S U M M E R!

With the glorious weather here, its engagement session time! The best reason for doing them is to really get to know my couples prior to the wedding day. While meeting and getting to know Eddie was a treat I already knew Lori! We went to high school together. When she contacted me about photographing her wedding I was so excited and so happy for her. When I got to the park to meet her again after what seems like ages,  it felt like I had just seen her in the halls 23 minutes after English, or was it Science, or Health class? Anyway, it it was so nice to spend a gorgeous day in the park with her, Eddie and her two adorable doggies! I am so excited for their wedding this fall.















Congrats lovebirds! -L