memorable christmas morning photos

The big day is almost here! We all want to take memorable Christmas morning photos of our kids unwrapping and enjoying all the gifts we spent hours shopping for and wrapping. The morning gets busy and those kids are fast. Taking memorable Christmas morning photos is snap with a little preparation. Here are my tips for capturing Christmas morning memories!

1. On Christmas Eve, get your camera ready. Make sure you have room on your SD card, charge or replace your batteries and check your shutter speed. You should have a fast shutter speed for catching their fast movements. Christmas Eve is also a great time to take pictures after Santa arrives. Take those perfect presents-under-the-tree photos before you turn in for your long Winter’s nap!

2. Share picture taking. Talk to your spouse about dividing photography duties on Christmas morning. If you are Mom, make sure you jump in a few. In my house, I am always taking the pictures (obviously!), but I don’t want our family albums to appear as if my children were raised exclusively by a single Dad. You might think you don’t photograph well—but that is lie. Your children will think you look beautiful!

3. Make a list! Create a short list of the photos you know you want. On the big day, I always take a photo of my children on the stairs before they make it down to the tree. The anticipation and excitement on their faces is a memory I never want to forget. Plus, it is fun to compare my stair photos from year-to-year. Maybe there is a gift they really wanted or you want to capture that moment when they see the tree.

4. Keep it real.  Take photos with reckless abandon of your real moments. I love social media and I love a perfectly taken picture of beautiful people. However, the true beauty of your memories is in your actual memories. Take photos for your family albums, not for posting.

5. Let it go. Most important: Put down the camera. See Christmas morning with your own eyes. There is no time like the present and your memories are your greatest souvenir of the day!

Merry Christmas!