You’ve waited for months (sometimes years) and finally the day has arrived but the forecast calls for Rain!! Friends and family tell you its good luck, but you just want to cry. I’m here to tell you as a fellow bride (it rained on my wedding day) and a Photographer (I love cloudy days) not to worry, the rain can actually make for some amazing Wedding day memories!


When I meet couples for a consultation I almost always tell them that I have been in pretty much every weather scenario since I’ve been shooting weddings. Quite literally…from Hurricanes to Extreme Heat–I’ve seen it all. And trust me, a rainy day is truly not the worst situation. The image above was taken at Princeton University during Hurricane Irene. The storm was on its way, so we quickly got outside before the ceremony to snag as many shots as possible. The couple chose Princeton since it was where they had met. They were both Alumni of the school and having photos on campus was special to them. We managed to make it happen before Irene crashed the party.  I’ve learned through the years to be ready for anything Mother Nature has up her sleeve. I put together a few quick tips that can help you embrace the clouds and rain and still come away with some great memories.

Plan a First Look

If you weren’t planning a first look but the weather forecast calls for a tsunami of sadness, switch up your plan so you have the chance to get outdoors. Chances are you spent a long time deciding on where your wedding would be, maybe its a spot you’d always dreamed or you loved the gardens or setting of the venue. You won’t regret having those photos years from now and if you have a savvy photographer they will know how to rock out your shots for some memorable ones.

Get an Umbrella and Some cute Boots

This may seem obvious, but if there is rain in the forecast find an umbrella that goes with your wedding colors, you can always return it if you don’t use it, this will look adorable in photos. Bonus points for a great pair of boots like these Hunter Women’s Bota Original Tall Gloss Black Knee-High Rubber Rain Boot – 7M


Have a backup Plan

When you are planning an outdoor ceremony and the forecast is calling for 20% chance (or higher) for rain be ready to change things up. Have an alternative location ready and plan on making the call by the morning of your wedding…or the night before if you don’t want to take any chances. It will definitely be a drag to change from where you had hoped but it will be less stress knowing you are covered and don’t have to scramble.

Rainy Wedding Day-Guests Arrive to Ceremony

Clouds are your Friend

Lots of times I will arrive at a wedding on an overcast/threat of rain day, and have a bride or groom or someone looked a little bummed about the weather. For me the clouds are my friend so I cheerfully explain how they’ll love the clouds too and start to list a few reasons. They produce nice even light and its glorious, people aren’t squinty and there are no harsh shadows in strange places. Don’t get me wrong, the sun is beautiful too but if we are on the beach at midday, prime harsh sunlight time, a big fluffy cloud makes my heart sing. They produce beautiful color! Its like they are a natural filter and colors and detail pop a little better than in bright sun. I always try to expose for faces while keeping detail in the brides dress. That can be a challenge in direct sun, but the clouds make it easy.

Rainy Wedding Day Family Portraits Rainy Wedding Day Bridal Portraits

The wind of course is another story. Sometimes its my friend…other times makes me wish I kept a hair stylist on hand 😉

Now back to planning the big day! Rest easy that it will be amazing no matter what the conditions.

xo -LS