Whenever bad weather threatens a wedding day I always tell my couples the same few things.

First, get some rain boots and an umbrella because I WILL take you outside as long as there is no monsoon (heck, I probably would take ’em out in a monsoon too cause that’d make for some amazing shots, shhh don’t tell brides I said that).

Second, clouds are perfect for me! No squinty eyes, colors really pop, you’ll love it!

Lastly,  not even a Hurricane could dampen a wedding day (lest we forget my Hurricane Irene adventure )

So when it came time for Samantha and Peter’s wedding day the forcast was not on our side and the ceremony site was changed from outside to in. But luckily, it held off for us to head to their site anyway for some pre ceremony shots. This wasn’t the first time this happened to us. Back in July for their  engagement shoot rain also had threatened to stop our fun. But then, it turned out to be an amazing day. Just as their wedding day was. I am not sure it could have been any less perfect.Sramowicz-118 Sramowicz-125Sramowicz-135Sramowicz-137 Sramowicz-142 Sramowicz-143 Sramowicz-147 Sramowicz-149Sramowicz-158 Sramowicz-163 Sramowicz-164Sramowicz-169 Sramowicz-178 Sramowicz-237 Sramowicz-240Sramowicz-267 Sramowicz-297Sramowicz-357 Sramowicz-360 Sramowicz-363Sramowicz-312 Sramowicz-373 Sramowicz-378Sramowicz-395 Sramowicz-385

Congratulations Samantha & Peter!