When I first started my business back in 2009 I didn’t have a clear idea where it would take me. I was home with my babies, and all I knew was I didn’t want to ‘go back to work’ in the 9-5 sense. However, I knew that I would eventually have to go back to work. I pieced together little jobs here and there so that I could stay home with my munchkins, simultaneously in diapers (yikes). I had been using my camera and making small bits of money here and there. Enough to have some extra but going ‘BACK’ to work was still on my mind.

It took some time to recognize that I was in fact back to work. I had built a small little business that was just enough. After much encouragement from my husband I decided to keep at it and move forward to make this my full time ‘back to work’ job. Each year has had its challenges and risks. Many times that pesky phrase would pop into my head; *sinsister whispery voice* “You should get a ‘real’ job” and each time the Hubs would say  “You already have a full time job.” My journey has been slow moving some years. Somewhere in between the PB&J sandwiches, Bus Stops and Mickey Bandaids it kept going.

The fact is; being an entrepreneur is risky, its scary, and totally unpredictable. One minute you are feeling like a superstar, the next worrying your family will need to just eat rice for the rest of their lives. Dramatic, I know, but I am a creative thinker and that usually involves dialing things up to 11. I learned to just keep plowing through those feelings of fear and insecurity, and have replaced them with faith that it will all be ok. So I keep taking giant steps forward.

Today my business is taking one of those big giant steps; I HAVE A STUDIO *shouts and liberally uses jazz hands* and it will be INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait to share with all of you the progress and all of the projects that will be created here. More details on all of that to come soon.


For now I wanted to share that this dream of mine has come true. It will be hard work, I am sure I’ll be dramatically stressed at times, but I am so inspired and excited that all of those worries are on the back burner. Can’t wait to share my journey with all of you!

x0 -LS