My husband has been going to school for 137 years. At least that is how it feels to me. We’ve gotten married, bought a house, had two babies all while he was finishing up his bachelor’s degree. He graduated with that back in 2009 and decided that if he stopped he’ll never start again and kept going for his Master’s. It was a LONG haul. Nights away at class while I was home with babies…probably crying because I’m dramatic and most likely thought I was dying taking care of a then 2 yr old and newborn baby.

I didn’t die, and neither did Dave…he persevered. We persevered. It was hard. We were stressed, we missed each other, we crammed in all the family stuff we could on weekends unless I was working, which was a lot. So in a way we haven’t really seen each other much in the past 10 years. Anyone who has a husband that works a ton, is away on business or is in school knows what I mean. Its torture. But we managed to do it and the whole time managed to encourage each other. Sounds gushy but its true. I am so damn proud of him.

So true to form I had to do something BIG to celebrate. Something exciting and I decided it needed to be a huge surprise for my kids. And by surprise I mean torture them with a bunch of yarn and some scrambled up letters. Blog8

The yarn was everywhere…with no real end in sight the kids started to follow it through the house upstairs and down.  Along the way they collected random letters that were amongst the yarn. Blog3Blog4

At the end of the string there were two boxes and before they could open them we tortured them more with a word scramble game. I wonder what it says?Blog75M9A0128 5M9A0129

Inside they found their Mickey and Minnie hats. Yes kiddos…WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY!!!

They were in shock. I think it still hasn’t sunk in, but they are really excited. Thank you Dave for working so hard and giving us an extra special reason to celebrate.

Happy Friday!